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Home Check In has been developed to treat your passenger to a first class service from the moment they close their luggage at office or home until fastening of the seatbelts on the airplane.

Home Check In has been mainly formulated as an office and home baggage pickup service, the service would also ensure the passenger is in receipt of baggage tags and a valid boarding card which is issued using equipment integrated with your current on line systems and integrated into online check-in, SMS Check-in, check-in at the counter, late night check-in, mobile boarding pass and disabled and reduced mobility passenger systems.

Benefits of this service include,

Being able to travel without luggage to the airport, proceed directly through security with the aircraft gate or executive lounge being your first point of contact with the passenger

Shorter check-in waiting lines

Reduction of check-in staff

Reduction of area required for check-in

Revenue from passengers who purchase Home Check In

Home Check In will give a product to your customers that will allow traditional check-in to be a service of the past, this in turn will no doubt fit in clearly to strategic goals of check-in staff reductions whilst at the same time providing a service to your customers that they will talk about positively and with high regard such as would be expected by any of your branded products.

Home Check In is a very flexible module in theory allowing add on services to be provided at ease, examples would be, a chauffeur service, meet and greet at the airport and destination baggage delivery.

There are a number of different options as to how Home Check In can be integrated into your current operations so just get in contact and we'll do the rest of the work. | Home Check In | U.K.
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